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But we are living in amazing times and the pace of change is unprecedented. Insert things like DevOps, consumption pricing, Marketplaces, product-led experiences, and community. The way buyers discover, try, procure, deploy, and operate software solutions is changing…and changing fast. It’s time that sellers get more nimble as well or they will be left behind. Charged with the management, supervision and governance of the whole cloud computing environment and its associative operations within an organization. The individual is perceived as a business enabler and a smart negotiator who will properly negotiate relationships with Cloud Service Providers in terms of cost, security features and performance outcomes.

As the chief cloud strategy officer for Deloitte Consulting LLP, David is responsible for building innovative technologies that help clients operate more efficiently while delivering strategies that enable them to disrupt their markets. David is widely respected as a visionary in cloud computing—he was recently named the number one cloud influencer in a report by Apollo Research. For more than 20 years, he has inspired corporations and start-ups to innovate and use resources https://globalcloudteam.com/ more productively. As the author of more than 13 books and 5,000 articles, David’s thought leadership has appeared in InfoWorld, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NPR, Gigaom, and Lynda.com. Prior to joining Deloitte, David served as senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners, where he grew the practice into a major force in the cloud computing market. Previously, he led Blue Mountain Labs, helping organizations find value in cloud and other emerging technologies.

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That server stack your organization bought in 2010 can’t run in that race. If you want to be out in front of the competition, you need innovate with the best tools available, and that requires cloud. Data center consolidation can help organizations make better use of assets, cut costs, … Cloud costs can get out of hand but services cto roles and responsibilities such as Google Cloud Recommender provide insights to optimize your workloads. When a CIO oversees IT strategy and implementation at more than one company, the position is called a fractional CIO. As the importance of technology has increased, so has the prominence of the CIO position within most organizations’ reporting structures.

  • Getting your unique web application off the ground is now faster and cheaper than ever.
  • CIOs are expected to work with their executive colleagues to develop a strategic vision for the enterprise and articulate how IT can support and enable the organization’s current and future state.
  • Rather, they had to possess strong technology skills and an engineering mindset.
  • The Public Employment Relations Board (the “Agency”) seeks the development of a content management system and web portal to manage public employee union elections.
  • The individual is perceived as a business enabler and a smart negotiator who will properly negotiate relationships with Cloud Service Providers in terms of cost, security features and performance outcomes.

Appoint an executive champion, a Chief Cloud Officer, who has the smash in the organization to work across sales, channel, marketing, finance, legal, operations, etc, and give them the power to impact change. The existing go-to-market machine must continue to run while you explore, build, and execute on your Marketplace journey. Tackle is here to be your guide with the experience and learning from doing the same with hundreds of others companies on the same journey. I haven’t lived this drastic of a change in work behavior since I packed up and moved to Australia in 2012. While a serious business climate, Aussies seem to have found work-life harmony.

Fractional Chief Cloud Officer

StrongDM’s infrastructure access platform gives every business secure access controls in a way folks love to use. Trusted by the Fortune 500 to fast-growing businesses like Peloton, SoFi, Chime, Yext, and Better, strongDM gives businesses the control and visibility they need at the speed they want with one platform that works for every environment. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or head to to learn more. Many experts believe the pressure on CIOs to adapt to these market forces is more acute today than it’s been in the 30-year history of the role.

Georgia Chief Information Officer Shawnzia Thomas believes her agency’s hiring a chief cloud officer marks a first in state government that other states’ technology divisions may soon replicate, she said in an interview with StateScoop. Implementing secure virtual desktop infrastructure in a variety of settings, including school districts, banks, healthcare providers, SaaS providers and more. When your business and technology needs don’t justify the expense of a dedicated senior technology C-suite member, a part-time executive can ensure that your technology is helping you accomplish your business goals. In addition to architecture optimization – that is – properly sizing your compute, storage and network components to be just the right size and configuration, some cloud providers offer ways to pay in advance for services at significantly reduced prices.

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Just like Southwest Airlines pays advance fees to lock in fuel prices every year (i.e., hedging), you too can lock in compute fees costs using strategies like “reserved instances” to control your margins. With on-prem, you have to build for your maximum capacity need even if you only peak one or two days a year. As a former colleague of mine used to say – it’s like buying a chapel for one wedding. With the cloud, you can scale up quickly to meet soaring demand, but once that need has passed as with seasonal waves or running big data machine learning compute, you can simply scale back down to what you need. In the early days of the CIO position, the professionals who held the job did not necessarily need to have a college degree or specialized training to be successful in the role.

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They can’t afford to spend time on low priority alerts, or on chasing their DevOps partners to fix issues that have a low impact. They need to find ways to accurately prioritize issues, and should have a bias towards tools that bring quick time to value and enhanced security ROI. With best practice templates, automation and real time notifications you can make sure that your team’s projects are delivered on time. Helping keep innovation in your organization accelerating, and driving the new business opportunities that will deliver your organization a competitive advantage.

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CISOs are looking for ways to simplify their security and get the visibility into diverse and dynamic cloud environments wherever possible. The executive person in charge of compliance issues, regulatory requirements, internal controls and managing audits within an enterprise or organization. Hiring for the position of CCO became popular in the early 2000s as a response to accounting and fraud scandals of such companies as Enron, Tyco and WorldCom, which were involved in corporate governance and financial disclosure problems. Legislation to ensure responsible reporting was passed, and policy compliance became a significant focus of upper management everywhere. Some have observed that the ubiquity of computing has brought the role of the CIO to a point where it must change, with some CIOs eager to exploit technology to create business value.

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Prior, he led the content team for UBM’s Medical Devices Group, and all custom properties and events. Nass has been in the engineering OEM industry for more than 30 years. In prior stints, he led the Content Team at EE Times, Embedded.com, and TechOnLine. With Cloud Coach, CIOs can provide more transparency to the rest of the business in regards to its impact on organizational strategy.


I’ve got 15 years experience in technology, have led a number of complex projects and built software products that are used by millions of people globally. Kagansky said agencies are most concerned about the security of cloud environments. Dmitry Kagansky, Georgia’s first chief cloud officer, could soon see counterparts appear in other states, said CIO Shawnzia Thomas. Helping organizations transition from manual to automated systems management. Identify and remediate outdated technology, software and more to avoid technical debt.

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